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"I should like a moment to scan the contract," said the scholarly, white-haired man who called himself Pierpont Wordsworth. "If there is a major point of disagreement, I should prefer to know it now."
"Of course," agreed Baldwin, of Beartown Publishing. As the Beartown Constable watched from the leather office couch, the publisher passed a contract of three pages across his desk to Wordsworth.
The Constable observed Wordsworth's eyes skim the lines of small type. The pages of the contract were observed rapidly.
"It appears to be satisfactory," said Wordsworth, putting the contract into his briefcase. I shall have to read it carefully when I am at home. Tomorrow you will have my answer."
Smiling, Wordsworth rose, shook hands, and departed.
"All right," the Constable said to Baldwin. "Why did you ask me to sit in on a book contract discussion?"
"Eighteen years ago," replied Baldwin, "Pierpont Wordsworth wrote a masterpiece on the English language. It has become the standard text on the subject. No one ever saw him, however. He was a man of mystery. For the past ten years there have been rumors that he was in Canada working on a new book, better than the first. A month ago rumors started that the new book was done, but that Wordsworth had died just a few days after completing it. The man who presented himself to me just now has the manuscript - and it's exceptional! But is he the real Pierpont Wordsworth? Or is he an imposter trying to profit from another man's manuscript?"
"An imposter!" answered the Constable without hesitation.


How did he know "Wordsworth" was an imposter? Check the next issue of Beartown News for the answer.

LAST ISSUE'S SOLUTION: Jessie Lawson could not have been in the Beartown Savings Bank May 30. May 30 is Memorial Day and all banks are closed.


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