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AUGUST 1, 2000


"The fight happened last May 30th, and it's just now coming to court," said Brumble, the attorney for young Marley Watt. "I really hadn't given my client much of a chance. A neighbor saw the whole thing and said Watt struck Mr. Jones first."
"What changed your mind so suddenly?" asked the Beartown Constable.
"A new witness, Jessie Lawson, turned up yesterday. He's a buddy of Watt's and claims to have seen the fight from the bank directly across the street. His version is that Mr. Jones hit Watt first. I want you to check his story before I put him on the stand."
The Beartown Constable consented. Jessie Lawson was ushered in and related what he had seen.
"I'd gone into the Beartown Savings Bank to make a deposit, but it was lunchtime, and there were long lines in front of all the cashiers. I didn't feel like waiting so I left. As I got to the door I had a perfect view of Marley and Mr. Jones approaching each other on the opposite sidewalk. Marley had told me how Old Man Jones was always badgering him. Marley said that whenever Jones tried to start something he'd just turn and walk away. This time Old Jones wouldn't let him walk away and punched him twice in the jaw. Marley reached up to ward off another blow and Jones tripped and hit his neck against Marley's raised hand. That's when the neighbor looked out. She saw Jones stagger and fall to the pavement on his face. I guess he got the brain concussion from falling so hard."
"Why didn't you speak up at the time instead of letting two months pass?" asked the Beartown Constable.
"I---I didn't want to get involved," stammered Jessie, "I spent some time in jail awhile ago."
"And you'll do more time for perjury if you ever repeat that story under oath," stated the Beartown Constable.

How did he know something was wrong with Jessie Lawson's story? Check the next issue of Beartown News for the answer.

LAST ISSUE'S SOLUTION: The will could not have been found between pages 37 and 38. The right hand page of a book is odd numbered and it's backside has the next number: an even number. It is impossible to insert something into a single page!


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