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JULY 1, 2001



The Beartown Constable has extensive training in order to perform his important job. Keeping his mind alert is a priority. Below is another of many mental exercises he practices to be able to unravel whatever mystery that might present itself. Camoflaged in the following story are 26 hidden words pertaining to common household items. Search for them within and between the words, and reading between the lines may be helpful! The first one is underlined to get you started.


Eva seemed quieter than usual, Arthur thought. She wasn't very animated, and even that chic hairdo she'd had Ivan give her yesterday was now limp and drab.
When asked how she felt, Eva appeared to welcome the attention. "My head aches terribly," she fretted, "and I feel so faint. Forgive me for moping around like this."
"Let's hop in the car, pet, and take you to see Dr. Apelgren," Arthur said. "He can prescribe some drugs to help you. But we should be doing something now - not later."
"Relax, dear," said Eva. "There's no need to get the least overwrought. But," she added, giving him a mock rap on his chin, "any ailing lass would be bowled over by such attentiveness."
Arthur was too embarrassed to tell her that he'd actually been thinking, "If I don't keep Eva's health stable, then who'll take care of me?" So he simply replied, with hardly a trace of irony in his voice, "Any husband worth his salt would do the same, love!"

Check the next issue of Beartown News for the answers.

LAST ISSUE'S SOLUTION is shown below. There were 27 creatures hidden in the story.


It was his first agonizing day on the job, and the new entertainment director at the retirement center ate little during lunch.
"I'm afraid the kayak excursion will be entirely too strenuous for these senior citizens," he fretted to himself, pushing his plate aside while fishing for the asprin tin in his pocket. "And what if they're not terribly fond of scuba diving or water volleyball either?"
He swallowed hard, scowling as he realized there wasn't one land activity in which he could confidently supervise them unless, he thought suddenly, they liked bowling. Of course! The idea of bowling was perfectly brilliant - a great way to stay in shape and share a group activity, too!
But when the young director proposed they have a go at it, the seniors groused loudly. "Bowling is out of the question, you overbearing nuisance," declared one. "Training for the Olympic Decathlon demands quite enough of our time, thank you!"

stag, hen, ewe, rat, ratel, yak, cur, bee, fish, asp, otter, cub, swallow, cow, eland, emu, owl, ling, wasp, ant, ape, hare, goat, grouse, bear, gnu, cat


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