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JUNE 1, 2000


Late one recent evening the Beartown Constable found a body lying in the road at the edge of town. It was old Levi Perkins, an old eccentric who stayed at the nearby boarding house. It was rumored that he had some money and securities safely stored in the bank's vault. Levi had obviously been strangled to death.
Alva Baxter, a friend of Levi and a boarding house resident, soon appeared on the scene. "Oh my, I've been afraid of something like this happening to Levi for a long time. I've warned him and warned him. He always carries that valuable old Civil War coin of his around as if inviting someone to steal it. A short while ago I heard him going down the hallway jingling that coin in his pocket as he always does. And now he is dead. I'm his best friend you know; he doesn't have any family."
At the undertaker's establishment the Constable took an inventory of the deceased possessions. Besides the clothing there was the old coin, two handkerchiefs and a leather wallet with two ten dollar bills.
Then the Constable immediately went and arrested Alva Baxter for the murder.

How did he know? Check the next issue of Beartown News for the answer.

LAST ISSUE'S SOLUTION: Stock Market reports are not published in Monday morning papers as there have been no transactions since Friday.


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