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MAY 1, 2001



The Beartown Constable has extensive training in order to perform his important job. Keeping his mind alert is a priority. Below is one of many mental exercises he practices to be able to unravel whatever mystery that might present itself. Camoflaged in the following story are 18 hidden words pertaining to colors. Search for them within and between the words, and reading between the lines may be helpful! The first one is underlined to get you started.


"I'm tired of the rattan furniture in this room, Oscar - let's try a new look," Rose said. "Perhaps a quaint country motif or a period look with fetching old accent pieces. Do you agree?"
"No," Oscar replied. "I like what we've got."
"Well, I'm extremely impressed by your open mind," Rose answered, her brow nastily arching. "I trust this means we can't even discuss it?"
"Why should we?" he shrugged. "You always win every so-called discussion we have, anyway. And neither your intimidation nor anger is going to change my mind. Get my message?"
Rose resorted to her oldest trick: flattery. "I should be nicer, I see that now. But I hate all these big decisions. And you do have excellent taste."
"Well-l-l," Oscar capitulated. "Maybe I did overreact. Just do whatever you like. Your choice of decor always pleases me."
"Why, Oscar, you're the most romantic fool I've ever known." Rose gushed, and immediately called her decorator.

Check the next issue of Beartown News for the answers.

LAST ISSUE'S SOLUTION: Two main clues: Louie's lack of a sun tan, and the fact that the push-buttons of the car radio had not yet been set to the Beartown area stations. They were still tuned to Detroit frequencies, as investigation later showed.


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