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MAY 1, 2000


"At 8 AM, on Monday February 7, you were drinking coffee in a rear booth at the snack bar at the Beartown bus station?" asked the district attorney.
The Beartown Constable was in the back row of the courtroom intently listening.
"I was," answered the murder defendant.
"And you didn't see the man in the booth across from you - not five feet from you - stabbed to death?"
"No, I was reading the morning newspaper."
"The cashier remembers you. You were in an awful hurry. You gave her a ten dollar bill in payment of an 80 cent check, and you didn't wait for your change."
"I had to catch a bus."
"You were aware of the time, but you didn't notice the man in the next booth was dead - with a knife sticking out of his chest?"
"I might have seen him, but I never looked directly at him."
"You didn't hear him order eggs and coffee?"
"I might have. I don't remember. I was busy reading the stock exchange listings, I own some shares."
"How long did that take you?"
"A couple of minutes. Then I read the market news. There was a long article forecasting high tech stocks for the next year. After I finished reading the article, I noticed the time. I had less than two minutes to catch my bus to Boston.
In the rear of the courtroom the Beartown Constable silently said "If he isn't convicted of murder, he'll draw a stiff sentence for perjury!"

How did he know? Check the next issue of Beartown News for the answer.

LAST ISSUE'S SOLUTION: Hot water instantly flowed from the tap which could only happen if it had been used very recently.


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