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APRIL 1, 2001


The Beartown Constable followed a car into the driveway of a fancy Beartown estate. He identified himself and started searching a car that had not been seen in Beartown for the winter months. The driver was a young ex-con named Louie. A Detroit bank had been robbed several days earlier and a police informer said that Louie had robbed the bank and was headed to the Beartown home of a big-time gambler in a car that matched the description of the one he was now searching.
The Constable pushed the buttons on the radio and only got static. When he used the manual dial various stations were heard loud and clear. "Do you always play your radio this loud?" he asked Louie.
"Can if I want" said Louie, looking rather pale, "it's my car."
"Let's go inside so Mr. Morgan will know that you have arrived." said the Constable.
"Welcome back Louie. Did you have a good winter at my Florida house?" said Mr. Morgan, "And what may I do for you Constable?"
"I wish to search Louie's room."
"Well certainly" replied Mr. Morgan, "but I have no idea why."
The room was well kept and the dresser and closet contained numerous articles of summer clothing. After the quick search the Constable announced, "Louie I'm placing you in custody until I have your car returned to Detroit. After that I'm sure you will be charged with bank robbery."

Why was the Constable so sure that Louie robbed the bank? Check the next issue of Beartown News for the answer.

LAST ISSUE'S SOLUTION: With a match and a candle the youngest son filled the room with light.


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