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APRIL 1, 2000


The Beartown Constable was walking past the house of Levi Holmes last Friday when the side door flew open violently. Levi's prodigal nephew rushed out yelling "come quickly, something terrible has happened."
Inside Levi was found lying on the dining room floor with a knife plunged into his stomach.
"W-w-water," Levi gasped.
The Constable dashed into the kitchen where he found the sinks faucets to be reversed. The cold was on the left and when he finally returned with a glass of cold water Levi was dead.
"Strange how your uncle asked for water." said the Constable to the nephew "And the faucets on the kitchen sink are reversed."
"Uncle was left-handed," explained the nephew "He has lived here alone for years and had all the faucets reversed."
"Had you been here long before you found your uncle?" asked the Beartown Constable.
"No - I had just arrived and found him stabbed and was running for help" said Levi's nephew.
"More like trying to escape," replied the Constable "You are under arrest for the murder of your uncle!"

How did he know? Check the next issue of Beartown News for the answer.

LAST ISSUE'S SOLUTION: If Millie hadn't known the whereabouts of her aunt lying on the floor, she would have tripped over her when going to turn on the floor lamp.


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