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MARCH 1, 2000


At 6:32 last Tuesday evening, the Beartown Constable received a frantic telephone call from Miss Millie Hastings. "I'm worried about my Aunt Maude. She was to come to my place for dinner tonight but didn't arrive. She is never late and would call if there was a problem. It is snowing a little; maybe she slid off the road and is stuck. Would you go to her house to check and I will meet you there."
They arrived at Maude's dark house at the same time and parked behind her snow covered car. "I hope she's okay" said Millie "She keeps a lot of money in her wall safe and it is not much of a secret around Beartown." They entered the unlocked house which was in total darkness. There was no response to their calls. Millie said she would turn on a floor lamp that she knew to be in the far corner.
As the light flooded the room Aunt Maude's body was sprawled on the floor beneath the open wall safe. Millie stepped away from the lamp and back over the unmoving form of her Aunt. "Is, is she dead?"
The Constable knelt over Maude and said "No, a bad blow to the head but certainly not fatal; lucky for you! You went to a lot of trouble to try and disguise your crime and then at the last moment you practically confessed. You are under arrest Millie Hastings!"

How did he know? Check the next issue of Beartown News for the answer.

LAST ISSUE'S SOLUTION: If there were no electricity for four days, the ice cubes would have melted into water.


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