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FEBRUARY 1, 2000


In the early hours of Monday the Beartown Constable was called by Martin Freeley to come immediately to the Higbert cabin at the end of Corbett Hollow Road. There had been a death.

Upon arrival, Freeley's housekeeper was found lying dead near the fireplace of the remote camp. The unnerved Freeley placed three ice cubes in a glass and covered them with whiskey before relating his story.

"After the generator failed four days ago I went to stay at the Beartown Arms Hotel. I like to write at night and I no longer had electricity. When I returned here, just after midnight, to get some notes I needed for my new novel, I put down my flashlight so I could unlock the desk drawer. Just then I was jumped from behind and when I swung around I pushed my assailant into the stone fireplace. There was no further movement and I shown the flashlight on the face of my housekeeper Debbie. Her neck was broken in the fall against the fireplace. She must have thought I was an intruder and with her karate training I thought I was being attacked by a man."

The Constable immediately arrested Martin Freeley for murder.

How did he know? Check the next issue of Beartown News for the answer.


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