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DECEMBER 1, 2001


Last summer the Beartown Town Manager contracted with two individuals, Ely Barrons and Alva Parker, to construct wooden planter boxes on Main Street. Each contractor was to build the same number of planters. One was to build on the north side of Main Street and the other on the south side.
Ely arrived at daylight and started his project. By the time Alva came to start at 10AM, Ely had built 4 boxes. Alva quickly pointed out that Ely had not built the boxes on the side of the street that he was contracted for. Ely then crossed the street and began building boxes on the side of Main Street that he was contracted for.
When Alva finished his side of the street he crossed over and built 2 boxes for Ely and the project was fully completed.
The Town Manager wanted to pay each contractor for the actual amount of work they had done. He called on the Constable to decide
(1) which man had built the most planters and (2) how many more did he build than the other man?


Check the next issue of Beartown News for the answers.

From Last Month


The Beartown Constable has extensive training in order to perform his important job. Keeping his mind alert is a priority. Below is another of many mental exercises he practices to be able to unravel whatever mystery that might present itself. Camoflaged in the following story are 24 toys,objects, or games associated with children's recreation and entertainment. Search for them within and between the words, and reading between the lines may be helpful! LAST ISSUE'S SOLUTION is shown below.

First Things First

Jack's mom, Dolly Glover, was always on the ball where her son was concerned. She cared deeply about his welfare and giving him a proper education, constantly drumming into his head, "Carouse less and study more, don't let important things slide, plan every move before you jump, and always remember - books are your friends!"
Jack found it hard to
mask his impatience with her prattle and dogma. They struck him as unnecessary, and he wished she'd stop lecturing him.
He was more at home with a
hoop and, given a ball, could slam-dunk it every time. So sure was he of a pro career, in fact, that Jack didn't even intend or aspire to graduate.
When Dolly found out, the lines of
battle were drawn. She grounded Jack until he finished college five years later and signed with the team of his choice.
A multimillionaire when he re
tired, Jack attributed his success to his mother. "She's the best friend and most worthy opponent I've ever had," he said, "and she never even got called for goal tending!"

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