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DECEMBER 1, 2000


The night clerk at the Beartown Motel was the lone witness to the telephone booth slaying of NYC gambler Willy Napster.
The night clerk told the Beartown Constable that Napster had just spun the dial two or three times when a masked gunman shot Napster several times in cold blood. The gunman escaped as Napster staggered around the corner and fell dead.
"It's a professional job. No clues." said the Beartown Constable. "Tomorrow I bet I get a visit from Sam the Snitch."
Sure enough, the following day, just after lunch, San the Snitch entered the Constable's tiny office.
"I got a lead on the Napster murder," the greasy little informer said.
"You haven't had a lead since you won the sack race back in second grade." snapped the Constable.
Unruffled by such heartless truth, Sam handed the Constable a torn slip of paper on which was written "Zh-6-".
"You remember Napster staggered out of the telephone booth?" asked Sam. "He turned the corner and the night clerk lost sight of him for a few seconds?"
"Yeah, the Beartown Daily had all that right on the first page." replied the Constable.
"Napster bumped into my buddy Harry and when he did he dropped a piece of paper. Harry picked it up and gave it to me this morning. The numbers on that paper are part of a phone number. Napster must have been calling it when he got shot.. I got the other half of the paper, with the last four numbers, in my pocket. I figure it's worth something big!"
"How's this size 12?" roared the Constable, and planted his foot persuasively on the seat of Sam's pants.

Why did Sam get the boot? Check the next issue of Beartown News for the answer.

LAST ISSUE'S SOLUTION: From the photos of Arnold and Adam when they were both eight years old, the housekeeper knew they were twins and easily recognized Adam when she saw him.


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