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NOVEMBER 1, 2000


Last month was time for Mrs. Van Loften's annual grand party. The eccentric lady always invited the Constable both for security and entertainment. Every year she would relate an experience which concluded in a mystery and would ask the Constable for his solution.
My childhood playmate, Arnold Hamilton, ran away from home when he was fourteen, she began. "For years he lived from odd jobs. But in 1958 he settled in Michigan and made millions in copper.
"Unfortunately Arnold never married. On his dearthbed he summoned his faithful housekeeper and handed her a fat envelope containing cash, deeds, and securities.
"His parents had passed away a decade earlier. Arnold's only living kin was a brother. 'Give this envelope to my brother, Adam,' the dying man instructed the housekeeper.
"The poor, distracted woman had never seen Adam in her life. Her only clue was a faded photoghaph set in a double frame with one of Arnold. Unfortunately, the pictures were taken when both boys were only eight.
"Moreover, the only clue to Adam's whereabouts was a letter postmarked several months before from Buffalo, New York. It contained no return address.
"The housekeeper traveled to Buffalo and advertised the purpose of her visit. Soon over a hundred aged men were assembled at her hotel all claiming to be the heir.
"Although she had never seen Adam and knew nothing about him, she was easily able to pick him out from the group of imposters!"
"My dear Mrs. Van Loftens, to what ends will you go to stump an old Constable?" said the Beartown Constable with a reproachful sigh. "The answer is elementary."

How did the housekeeper know Adam? Check the next issue of Beartown News for the answer.

LAST ISSUE'S SOLUTION: Mrs. Lilly's presence at the only window where she could substantiate Mrs. Goodman's claim was obviously part of a plot to collect the insurance money. The Constable realized other women would instantly see through this. No woman receiving her first mink coat would ever put it directly into storage. She would try it on and purr over it.


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