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OCTOBER 1, 2001



The Beartown Constable has extensive training in order to perform his important job. Keeping his mind alert is a priority. Below is another of many mental exercises he practices to be able to unravel whatever mystery that might present itself. Camoflaged in the following story are 18 fruits and vegetables. Search for them within and between the words, and reading between the lines may be helpful! The first one is underlined to get you started.

Ordering a la carte

"It appears that my friend, Allen Tilton, has set a date for his one-man art show," Cornelia Green said, smiling at her handsome male secretary, "and nothing will appease him if I don't attend. So be a nice fellow and cancel my trip to San Antonio next week, Alex."
"That won't take me long," he replied. "Anything else?"
"Yes. You escort me to the show, and in return, I promote you to administrative assistant."
"You're very generous," Alex said, and as he studied her sleek demeanor, anger washed over him. "But why would you promote me?"
"Because I don't socialize with mere secretaries!"
"I never figured you for such a snob," Alex shot back. "Now that I know what a witch I've been working for, you can have your job back!"
"It may amuse you to know that I'd hoped for this reaction," Cornelia smiled. "Now we can see each other without my having to worry about dating an employee!"
"Not in this lifetime," Alex said, "and not in Tilton's, either. Every time I see his so-called art, I choke!"
A week later, Cornelia forgot all about Alex when the receptionist buzzed her on the intercom to say, "Your new secretary, Brad is here ... will that be two for lunch?"

Check the next issue of Beartown News for the answers.

LAST ISSUE'S SOLUTION is shown below. There were 27 wearable items hidden in the story.


Dickie Chatham took umbrage at his school's mascot: a duck! Seething, he wondered which dumb louses had suggested such a name, and how the situation could best be addressed.
He'd go right to the
top, Dickie decided. He'd just find the courage and stamina to talk to the principal and make short shrift of the matter. The outcome was inescapable - a new mascot would be chosen by the student body.
Sashaying into the principal's office, he explained his purpose. "Oh, pshaw," lisped the secretary, Jean Smithers, through her braces. "He's never in during the mornings, but he'll be returning this afternoon."
Through the window behind her, Dickie was
watching as the principal's car flashed by. Following his gaze, she said, "He's early! No sweat, sir - I'll get you in right away."
After the meeting, Dickie felt defeated. The principal, haugh
tier than ever, had refused to give the idea even minimum consideration. Pursing his lips and with no vestige of warmth, he recited the school's motto instead: "If it's your luck to be a duck, then never run amuck; just stay the course and mark my word - you'll always be the the early bird!"
Dickie never forgot. After graduation he entered medical school, and became a very wealthy quack.
dickie, hat, bra, ascot, ducks, blouse, dress, top, tam, shorts, cap, hose, stud, sash, shawl, jeans, braces, ring, beret, watch, scarf, sweats, tie, mini, slip, vest, bead


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