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Rethink Your Lawn and Benefit All of Humanity

Do you spend many hours working on the area of land you call a lawn? Why not let this lawn area work for you and others and help eliminate starvation in the world. If an average lawn is 1/10 of an acre and there are 100,000 lawns in Vermont alone, that is 10,000 acres of highly productive and accessible soil which is capable of growing great amounts of food. Simple planning can provide for gorgeous areas surrounding your house and reduce the hours and expense of maintaining a lawn. With careful surveillance, certain visitors to the garden may be shot and added to the daily menu, such as deer, rabbits, racoons, and woodchucks. Now is the time to plan for next season and you will need to go through the one time process of plowing up the lawn in anticipation of next spring's planting.

PLANNING: Carefull select the vegetables you will plant. Taller items such as corn, pole beans and peas should be planted to the rear of areas or against structures. Southerly exposures are preferable. Study you roof drainage patterns and take advantage of this automatic watering system. Plant moisture loving varieties over the septic system. Obtain the proper gardening tools, clothing, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, knowledge, and green coloring for your thumb.

ADVANTAGES: No more worry of rutting the lawn in mud season. Your property can have a different appearance every year as you alter your diet and the location of plants. Compost material can simply be thrown right out the kitchen window, resulting in lower trash removal fees. You can grow Christmas, birthday, and wedding presents. You will know you are doing your part in helping feed the Planet. Gardens attract many cute creatures, such as bats, frogs, toads, and snakes, which will feast on the summer's many bothersome bugs. Educated people will have a good place to put their BS to work.

As the years pass this revoutionary use of our properties will be refected throughout the towns with names such as Carrot Corners, Succotash Lane, Radish Road, Tuber Tunnel, Lettuce Way, Turnip Trail, and Pumpkin Park. Enterprising people will rent goats and pigs by the hour or day to do fall or spring cleanup; a day every family will come to relish as a fun event rather than a work project.





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