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AUGUST 1, 2002


 Dear Mother,

I haven't had one argument with any of the girls in my cabin.  It is really easy to avoid arguments.  I haven't talked to anyone all summer.

Love, Cathy

Dear Mother,

I am not trying to bribe my counselor.  $4 is loan.  $10 is a bribe.

Love, Cubby

Dear Dad,

You don't need to worry about roaches.  We haven't seen one all summer.  The rats have eaten them all.


Dear Father,

Why do I have to be different from all the other campers?


Dear Grandma Suzie,

I have been at camp for 4 weeks and so far I have had a sprained ankle, a sore throat with a temperature of 103, three stitches in my left arm, a patch on my eye and a chipped tooth.
I am having a much better time than I did last year.  It is great!!!

Love, Teddy



Do not sell your baseball glove, snorkeling mask, football uniform, or volleyball this summer.  Your father says this is your third and final warning.

Love, MOM

Dear Counselor,

This is the first year you have had Jamie in your cabin.  I think I should let you know about some of his traits that may be different from the other campers.
1. He bites but only when provoked.  Try not to provoke him.
2. He spits occasionally when he is mad or upset.  Try not to upset him.
3. He cries when he doesn't get his way.  Try not to make him cry.
4. He has temper tantrums but not more than twice a day.  He has gotten much better.

Sincerely,  Mrs. Agatha Christiansen

My Dearest Patsy,

Unless you have a real emergency please do not call us from camp.  The Counselors have complained about you numerous "emergencies.  Running out of hot pink nail polish is not an emergency.

Hugs and kisses, Mommy

Dear Counselor,

If at all possible would you or another staff member try to take a picture of Henry hitting the baseball; we have plenty of pictures of his striking out.

Thanks,  Mr. Henry Dolittle Sr.



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