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JULY 1, 2001

Beer-Drinking Burro Retires on Short Rations


Pancho, a 30-year-old burro who drinks 30 liters of beer a day, has been ordered to cut down his drinking by veterinarians who say he has a liver problem.
The veterinarians say Pancho, who is nationally known, must stop entertaining customers by drinking beer in a bar overlooking the Mayabe Valley in eastern Cuba, the Havana-based news agency Prensa Latina reported on Saturday.
Pancho must be put out to pasture, but is not going on the wagon, the agency said. Aware that withdrawal might be bad for Pancho, veterinarians allowed him 10 liters a day.
Pancho began boozing 15 years ago when a patron gave him a bottle of beer and he delighted customers by braying for more. Patrons have been setting him up with drinks ever since.

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The English "yard of beer," which was once so peculiar a feature of the business done at the little inns of Bexley and Eltham, is now but little known, if, indeed, not altogether obsolete.
It was served in a glass vessel exactly three feet in length, with a very narrow stem, slightly lipped at the mouth, and with a globular bowl at the bottom.
This vessel was filled with beer and anyone could have the liquor free if he could drink it without spilling a drop. If he failed, he would have to pay double. The feat looked easy, but it was difficult, if not impossible, for a novice to perform.
You took the glass in both hands, applied the lip to your mouth, and then gently tilted it. The beer would at first flow very quietly and slowly, and a stranger to the practice would think how admirably he was overcoming the difficulty.
But suddenly, when the glass was tilted a little farther, air rushed up the long stem into the bowl, and the half-pint of beer was splashed into your face, to the woeful detriment of temper, neckgear and linen.

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