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JULY 1, 2000



The never ending debate continues on the National Forest lands between the tree huggers and the forest industry. One group wants trees to cut; the other trees to look at. The latest proposal is to create roadless areas that would make land inaccessible to timber harvesting. Now I'm no Roads Scholar but I think both sides can get most of what they want. The National Forest is mandated to "keep everyone happy" which is an impossible goal; therefore they spend lots of time going round and round with not much of an outcome being accomplished.
The much used term, wilderness, is in the eye of the beholder. Many wilderness advocates have joined the "cause" because it seemed like a good thing to do at the time. Many have not been into the woods more than 100 yards off their back lawn. Using Vermont as an example; the beautiful mountains here have been cut, cut, and cut again. Huge clearcuts and forest fires have affected thousands and thousands of acres over the past two centuries; and we still have beautiful mountains. Yes, many forest practices of the past, including the National Forests, did not follow the many guidelines and laws which exist today.
I suggest rotating our "wilderness areas" along with timber harvesting in the productive areas (thousands of acres are unproductive and timber harvesting does not take place anyway). If a thirty year cutting cycle were used, many undisturbed years of wilderness would exist. You may laugh and I'll laugh with you. The Lye Brook "Wilderness" Area, where man has never been (some think), was clearcut in 1918 and the timber removed by 16 miles of the Rich Lumber Co. Railroad. Much of the trail to the "Falls" follows this railbed! Today storms have blown down many valuable, mature, timber trees that hikers have to crawl over as they slowly rot (a chain saw is not allowed under any circumstance).
Humans naturally react to visual change such as logging but also including building and personal appearance. When a human has their hair done or beard shaved it is noticed just as a white house painted blue, or a vacant field with a new structure in it. These visual changes are noticed by all and spoken about. In a few months the novelty starts to wane and within a year or two the visual changes are all but forgotten.
Timber is a valuable, renewable resource that is used by all of society. Let's not waste this resource and keep the forests, and forest industry, healthy and productive for generations to come. YOU CAN HAVE A TREE AND CUT IT TOO!!!

The Paul Bunyan Tooth Pick Company has been experiencing wet conditions for its logging operations in Beartown this season. In order to get back on schedule it is necessary to either have more trucks or bigger loads. Bigger loads are more economical for our company and we will be puchasing some new trucks in the very near future. So, don't be alarmed if you see one of these monster trucks coming down the road. They are brand new and very safe, in fact if you have a compact car they can straddle you with plenty of clearance to spare (It will just seem like you drove through a tunnel.).
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