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MAY 1, 2006



Tracks from the ancient past,
mighty upon the shore.

Heir to giants of the cave,
grandfather of folklore.

Kindred spirit of the human, honored as elder.
Sensitive to nature's cycles, wise, solitary dweller.

Medicine bear, teacher, guide to the river of meaning.
Guardian of the great medicine lodge, power of healing.

Embodiment of strength, raising head to sniff the air.
Standing high to challenge, fierce to a threat on lair.

Legendary predator, yet timid, gentle and tolerant.
King of wilderness, mysterious, subject of olden chant.

Hunter, fisher, forager, claws upon the tree.
Dozing in winter, spring emerge, cubs born, destiny.

Creature of myths, tales of deep thunder in early spring.
Bears awaken in dens, symbol of renewal, rebirth, sing.

Honored with much ritual, dances, feast bear guest.
Reenactment of the hunt, brave adversaries in contest.

Wearing of claws, symbol of courage, skills to learn.
Man's respect for the kill, prayer for bear's return.

Big Medicine, Bear Spirit, Bear People, Bear Clan.
Master of his domain, celebrated in tales and by artisan.

Stars amid infinite meadows of heaven,
Great Bear of sky.

We give honor to you as relative and spiritual ally.
Wander mountains and tundra, circle of forest free.

Tread the earth our cousin, powerful medicine are thee.


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