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MARCH 1, 2006



If New Orleans is chocolate, is San Francisco tutti frutti? 

Mr. Mayor,

Let me start by saying that I am a 41-year-old vanilla male. I supported you prior to the hurricane that
"GOD" sent at us (your words), and even supported you in your efforts immediately after. But now you have reached down and grabbed the "race card" and want to proclaim that New Orleans be a "Chocolate New Orleans"!!! 
If you were a white man/mayor and made the opposite remarks --that the city needed to be a
"White New Orleans" --you would have had every liberal media outlet, the NAACP, and Jesse Jackson, etc. here instantly to serve up your head on a silver platter. You would have been stripped of your political duties, reduced to racist pig status and kicked out of town.  Luckily for you, you're "chocolate."
"GOD is mad at us for being in Iraq"??? "That's why GOD sent hurricane after hurricane to us"???  At what point in time did you become a spokesman for GOD?
Prior to the hurricane, New Orleans had terrible crime, housing, cleanliness, and education problems. Is that GOD's fault? Why would you say such things? Are you trying to alienate us from Washington/Congress, and the rest of the nation, at a time when we are in need of so much help to rebuild? Sadly, as I see it, you've finally lost your wits and should consider resigning.
But let's first take a look at your "Chocolate City".
Check the stats, the majority of crime comes from the "chocolate factory". The majority of welfare bleeds into the "chocolate factory". The majority of dilapidated, filthy housing is owned or inhabited by the "chocolate factory". The broken public education system is run by and populated by the "chocolate factory".
Just look at all of the "chocolate city" public housing eyesores. You want a "chocolate city", just look at
the 2nd line party-shootout where 3 people were injured, that was all chocolate, no white milk in that neighborhood. And you called the shooters
"knuckleheads"? How about CRIMINALS!  And wasn't that supposed to be a welcome back parade???
Just who do you think fills the majority of restaurants, hotels, conventions, and even the Superdome on Sundays, chocolates-nope!
30-40 years ago, New Orleans was not a black majority city. Since then, we've had four
"chocolate" mayors and the city has been steadily spiraling down the tubes ever since. 
This city is my city, sir. I was born at Touro
Hospital. Even though I now reside in Jefferson, when I visit other places and someone asks me where I'm from, I tell them New Orleans.
This city of mine has continued to elect incompetent
"chocolate politicians" who are not intelligent, sound-minded leaders. Corruption and "reverse racism" have plagued this city for far too long. Now, the Sleeping Giant has been awakened and he's not happy!
Mr. Mayor, you could've taken this challenge, said the right things, done the right things, and been a real beacon of light for our desperate city. Hell, you might have done so well that you could have run for governor, or even President, and won. You and the city could've come out on top, and I would've applauded you for doing a terrific job during difficult times.
But, lo and behold, you have stooped down, as mayors past, and given us (New Orleans), another black/chocolate eye.
What a shame, what a terrible shame -----

AKA-The Vanilla Gorilla


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