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Pat Garrett’s Moose Shootin Mama song for Sarah Palin:

Well she’s a moose shootin’ mama
And she’ll help keep our country free
She’s a moose shootin’ mama
She’ll make a great big P

When she looks you in the eye
You know that girl don’t lie
She’s a moose shootin’ mama
Yes, Sarah is the girl for me

She’ll help the prez keep our taxes down
And clean up Washington
Get them pork-barrel boys on the run
Man, this is gonna be fun

And it’s drill, baby, drill
Cause we’re paying way too much
Maybe what this country needs is a woman’s touch


What has four legs and flies?
A Moose-quito!
Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Moose who?
Moose be time for another joke!

What do Alaskans celebrate every December?
Who makes up Alaskan nursery rhymes?
Mother Moose!
Who is the most famous Alaskan cartoon character?
Mickey Moose!
What holiday plant do Alaskans kiss under?

Who is the "Father of the North Country"?
George Moosington.
What do you call a sleeping male moose?
A bull-dozer!

Why do moose have such big antlers?
For better radio reception. They're moosic lovers


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