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JANUARY 1, 2002

Letter from Boozer Bob

Dear fellow Guzzlers, Lushes, Rumhounds, and Winos,

Late one night (or early morning) during the recent holiday season, I met this odd looking Dr. Souse character. He is a professional Souse, like all Doctors, and most certainly a professional boozer and lush.. While we were tippling and swilling, Dr. Souse kept repeating a wonderful poem that I wish to share with all of you. Crack a bottle, wet your whistle, and drink like a fish as you enjoy the poem below which is undoubtedly appropriate any time of the year.
The sound and image take a while to get loaded, just like yourself!!!

Inebriously yours,
Boozer Bob


Thanks to the many hundreds of you readers who participated in last fall's BIGGEST POTATO CONTEST. As promised, I announce the grower of the largest potato to be FRED TUBER. His giant potato weighed 3.674892 pounds. This truly Community Contest was certainly successful. I now have at least a six month supply of potatoes. Thanks to all of you for participating as we all look forward to what will become a yearly event. Next fall will be the first year of the APPLE CONTEST.

Claude Dern



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