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OCTOBER 1, 2003

Bug-Eating, Leech-Bathing Gameshow Axed

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - It may be standard fare in America, but strait-laced Cambodia has decided it cannot stomach any more "Fear Factor"-style television.
"Brave, Brave or not," the war-scarred southeast Asian nation's first bite at daredevil programming, has been ordered off the air after just four screenings for being too racy.
"I am writing a letter to the TV station to tell them to avoid such a crazy game in the future," Information Minister Lu Laysreng told Reuters Tuesday.
"It is a dirty game. It might be OK in America, but it is not proper for Cambodian culture," he said. "Children are always watching TV and they sometimes copy what they see."
Like hit U.S. gameshow "Fear Factor," the program has caused a stir among traditionally staid Cambodians who have been able to tune in to villagers crawling through swamps, eating bowls of live crickets or plunging their arm into a box of leeches -- all in pursuit of a $15 prize.
Program makers at TV3, a private Thai-owned company, defended the show which challenges villagers near the capital, Phnom Penh, to perform unconventional -- and unspecified -- acts of bravery.
"It's only a game," said programmer Ear Vanna. "All the people who play our game are volunteers trying to display how brave they are and to win the game. I don't think my program affects Cambodian culture."
Ironically, creepy-crawlies such as spiders, water-beetles rats and frogs all figure regularly on Cambodian menus.

"exotic and exclusive food

In Columbia, with the rains of April  the Holy Week  comes and also culona ants; Santandereanas ants who have a big abdomen (10mm  x 7 mm Aproxm.), they are getting its name about it.  After one raining night  and after a sunny day, the queen ants begins their nuptial flight  to the male ant called “padron”, drone or little plane fertilizes them and after this only and happy act of love,  falls to the ground and it dies.  The fertilized queen falls down to earth, she gets out  its wings and it begins to dig a hole into the soft land  thus to initiate the foundation of its own colony. It passes a long year to prepare the birth of new queens and new males or drone. During this time the colony boils in activity with sights to the exclusive fulfillment of this intention. The workers looking for and loading leaves, the soldiers with a big head and armed of frightful clamps, taking care of them.  Future queens and males receive exclusive well-taken care of in little special rooms, with wet nurse that feed them with milk secreted by  themselves. As much care added to this strange food, which it concludes in the nuptial ceremony in which the male wastes the overflow of his vigor in the only act of love of his existence, paying it to it to the queen, it  has waked up the legend of the afrodisíac item from  the culonas ants.

 In Santander state,  in the Barichara, Guane and Mesa of the Saints region, have been found families with more of 20  sons in whom the centennial heads, patriarchs, attribute to their fertility and longevity to him to the permanent consumption of culona ants.  The Guanes, natives of the region have more 500 years eating it like exquisite food, and they cultivated them for his production to way of zoocriaderos. In addition to food they used like analgesic applying them in cataplasms in the navel and sienes. They prepared them toasting them to the fire in lajas of stone or pots of mud and kept them for their conservation per years in calabash.  At the present time still they have been processed for his consumption since for 5 centuries. When the air of the vecindario fills of certain aroma when they are toasting ants, it causes that town people say: they are roasting culonas!

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