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DECEMBER 1, 2001



There's been a lot of talk
Bout tough times the farmer's had,
But I'll tell you for me.
It ain't been all that bad.

Oh, just like everybody else,
I've had my troubles too,
And it sometimes seems I can't win,
No matter what I do.

And it's surely been a struggle
To keep it all from cavin' in,
But I think it's been worth it,
And I'd do it all again.

I try to see the bright side,
And thank the Lord each day,
For makin' me a farmer
In the good ole USA.

I often hear it said,
By smarter folks than me,
The family farm can't make it
In today's economy.

Well let 'em preach their gloom and doom.
I'll just refuse to hear.
I'm gonna plant my crops, feed my stock,
And I'm gonna stay right here.

Yea I'm, gonna gamble on farmin'
And here's why I'm placin' my bet.
I don't think too many folks,
Are ready to quit eatin' yet.

Hazel helped her mother by setting the table for the big Christmas dinner. Her mother surveyed the long table and found there was no silverware at Uncle Harry's place. When Hazel was questioned, she replied, "Mother, you said Uncle Harry eats like a pig!"


An Amazing Analysis

A maker of mountain liquor
With an interest in the modern way
Thought it wise to analyze
His hootch one autumn day.

He learned of a laboratory
In a modern, growing town,
So he thought it best to get a test
On his hootch of wide renown.

He poured out a generous sample
And sent it away with his fee,
Then waited a week in his shack by the creek
For the chemist's report, you see.

Then he rode on down the mountain
To the post office for his mail.
When he got there he tied his mare
To a nearby hickory rail.

We watched him read the report,
Then with horror he turned to greet us.
His face turned red, for he had just read,
Your horse has diabetes."


Little Joey wants to put his grandpa in the window this year as a Christmas decoration. Says he is LIT most of the time!


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