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AUGUST 1, 2009


Obama Hosts ‘Beer Summit’ At White House

President Obama is making good on his promise to Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Cambridge cop James Crowley to host a “beer summit” at the White House.
AP News reports Obama and both men “will meet at the White House on Thursday, each one drinking his favorite beer, in a public attempt to move past the emotional event.”
Obama said he has confidence everyone will be able to settle any deep-seated racial differences they may have even though they couldn’t agree on serving one kind of beer.
A White House spokesman said that if the “beer summit” is successful, Obama plans on inviting the entire country to Washington for margaritas and shots of tequila in an effort to get them wasted enough to pass a comprehensive socialized medicine agenda.
Obama admitted the massive amount of tequila needed might cause a temporary surge in the trade deficit with Mexico, but the President insisted it would also provide jobs for a large number of bartenders and wait staff.
Funds from the party would come from the $500 billion still left in the TARP program that hasn’t yet been wasted or skimmed off by government employees.
Administration officials defended the use of the TARP funds to promote national health care saying the effort was a “shovel-ready” project.
“Trust me,” said Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, “You wouldn’t believe how much bullsh*t we’ve had to shovel to help move this thing along.”



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When in France

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